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We still have delivery slots available for Leeds
Health & safety update



We get asked a lot of questions, so here's a few answers that we hope will help. If we've not covered your question, please feel free to ask!

At the moment we're trying to keep things as simple as possible, so we're just delivering to postcodes in our immediate vicinity. Have a look at our delivery areas page, which has a list of the postcodes we cover and a map.

We'll review this every couple of weeks, but at the moment we're rushed off our feet!

I'm afraid not.

We've been swamped by orders, and each trip outside our delivery area means two veg boxes aren't being delivered inside our area. We're keeping things local so we can be of service to our local community: that means we can deliver more veg boxes on our delivery days, which means more people can get them.

Following government advice, we're doing everything we can to limit contact between us and our customers (to protect you AND us), so we're not accepting cash. We also don't want our delivery drivers to be carrying money around with them.

So, you can pay online with a credit/debit card through our secure online portal.

It's really difficult to guarantee what goes into the boxes, as it all depends on what's in season and available form our producers and wholesalers. That also means that the volume varies a little from week to week.

That said, we always try to make sure there's a good mix of staples as well as interesting items - in our veg boxes there'll always be spuds, carrots and onions as a starting point, and for our fruit box apples and bananas will always make an appearance.

If you want to get a feel for what's been in previous boxes, check out our Facebook page where we'll post pics of our recent boxes...

That's problematic for us, as we don't know what's going to be available from our producers and wholesalers until the wee small hours on the day of your delivery.

If you have an allergy to a particular fruit or veg, then do let us know when you order (there's a box you can fill in on the order form) and we'll do our best to exclude that from your order and replace it with something else. But we're not Morrisons - we buy in enough for our deliveries to minimise waste and that's about it!

Ah, you've noticed that!

First off, we use single use recyclable bags rather than boxes because of the current health conditions - they're cleaner, healthier and more sterile.

The problem is, we put A LOT of fruit and veg into the bags, and sometimes we decide to use two bags rather than one so they don't break. That doesn't mean you got someone else's order alongside yours!

We're a new, small family enterprise and we've set all this up in a very short space of time, so we're not perfect. If we've got something wrong, we're sorry. We'll hold our hands up and apologise.

Please contact us and let us know, and we'll do our best to make things right for you.

When this craziness first happened, we wanted to do our bit to support vulnerable people who were either ill or worried about getting ill, as well as the wider community around us. So alongside delivering veg boxes, we thought about people in need, and that made us think about Armley Helping Hands, who are GOOD PEOPLE in our view!

From then it was an easy decision to give a veg box to them for every 10 we sell, as well as any leftovers at the end of our delivery days.

If you want to support them too, please get in touch with them.

We're not perfect, otherwise we'd be holed up at home like everyone else! But we're doing our best.

All our deliveries are packaged in a hygienic area (our chief logistics and packaging guru is a nurse, so she knows her stuff), we scrub down surfaces regularly, the delivery team are masked, gloved and only wear delivery clothes, and we practice sensible social distancing, so we deliver to the doorstep and don't come into your homes.

If you are in one of the highly vulnerable groups, just let us know when you order and we'll take extra precautions.

Nor to we!

We could give you lots of advice here, but it's been changing so quickly. So follow the latest advice from Public Health England (we do) and do what they say.

And yes, you should wash your fruit and veg when it arrives, then wash your own hands afterwards.



More people are heading online to do their essential shopping. Like all retailers, we have a responsibility to ensure that your transactions are secure.

This is how we're protecting you online.

We've made our web site and shop as simple as possible:

  • you don't have to register
  • we ask for the minimum amount of information
  • we set out everything as clearly as possible.

But if you're not sure, ask us on

Check for the padlock symbol next to the web address in your browser. That means the information you send is encrypted, so it can't be spied on. It also means that your payment details are sent straight to your bank – we can't see them and we don't store them anywhere.

Here's where you'll see the padlock on our site:

We chose to use Shopify as our shopping platform because it's one of the biggest online shopping services in the world (500,000 shops and counting).

They have the strongest security available, and it's constantly checked against rigorous industry standards.

For the techies amongst us, Shopify is certified "Level 1 PCI DSS compliant", meeting all six categories of PCI standards:

  • Maintain a secure network
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Regularly monitor and test networks
  • Protect cardholder data
  • Implement strong access control measures
  • Maintain an information security policy

If you're not sure about using an online shop for the first time, ask a trusted friend or relation to help you out. If they're not available, call your bank and ask them to check out our web site.

The government, Age Concern, Saga and Citizens Advice all have good advice on safe online shopping and we've taken the advice here from their sites. You can follow the links below.


Have we missed something? Ask us!